Services Overview

Adult Muay Thai (15 years and over)
This class focuses on developing the basic skills and techniques of Muay Thai. Activites include skipping, hitting the bags and pads,shadow boxing, partner drills,cardio work and more. Classes include students of all experience levels,from new students right through to our fighters.

Fighters Class
On completion of the Adult Muay Thai class our advanced students and fighters continue their training in this class, focusing on clinching, sparring, pad work and other drills and activities specific to their needs.

Kids Class (8-15 years of age)
'Young Nuk Muay'is a kids program focused around having fun, while teaching them aspects of decipline, respect and fitness. Children will learn the basics of Muay Thai.

An opportunity for approved students to apply the skills and techniques they have worked on during the week. Visitors welcome to come down and watch.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are avalible through a booking.
Please contact staff at TopTier to have your personal 1 on 1 session, or personal group session with freinds.