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Who We Are

TopTier Muay Thai founder Chris Bradford

Chris began his martial arts career in Ashihara Karate where he spent seven years training to the rank of Black Belt. During this time he was an active and successful competitor in Full Contact Karate Tournaments.
Chris realised a new passion for Muay Thai when the opportunity presented to train with the legendary John Wayne Parr at Boonchu Gym on the Gold Coast. Since then Chris has put his efforts into developing himself as a student of Muay Thai.

His efforts to further himself in the art have seen him travel to Thailand, the birth place of Muay Thai, where he trained and competed during his time there.. In 2010 Chris fulfilled a personal ambition and ventured into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. His action packed matches have left audiences in no doubt that he is a skilled competitor and fight fans have been enthralled by his competitiveness and athleticism in the ring.

In addition to his own training and fighting, Chris is also very passionate about his students. Chris is keen to help all students reach their goals, whether it be to improve their fitness, self confidence or compete in the ring.

Chris fights professionally all over the country and overseas and has seen him capture many titles over his professional period.

IKBF Australian Champion
IKBF South Pacific Champion
IKBF Commonwealth Champion
2x Cage Muay Thai Australian Champion

Many Fighters now train with and under Chris and have much success in the gyms short history. TopTier is always developing and pushes the industries standards to the limit to insure that we deliver a great work out and culture experience.


Pat Richards

Pat Richards has extensive fight knowledge and is one of the head trainers at TopTier. Pat is always pushing people to reach their personal goals.


Chris Anderson

Chris has now fought all over Australia and uses his experince in his bouts to teach classes

Michael Archer

Michael our senior fight instructors and pad holder. Having over 15years experience in Martial Arts, gives the fighters his extensive knowledge.


Kyle Webb
Sharing his extensive knowledge in strength and conditioning to our people and also his fight knowledge

Callan Shakespeare

Callan is one of long time instructors and has trained and travelled to Thailand many times to bring you his experience




Ryan O'Donnell

Ryan has traveled and trained in thailand and brings all his experience to TopTier Muay Thai


Why Choose Us


Quality facilities
We bost some of the best training equipment in Victoria.


Quality Instructors
Our instructors and vastly experienced and qualified.


Quality equipment
We have an extensive range of BOON equipment for public people to use and purchase.


Quality Classes
Our standards are of extreme heights. Each class is of high quality for your work out.


TopTier Muay Thai boasts the largest mat area of any Academy in Geelong with a huge 140 sqm of Matting, High quality and reqularly cleaned. Along with this we also have an additional 50sqm of fitness area. Complementing this we also have the following..

Professional Boxing ring
Hung heavy bag area
Large Thai Pad Range
Sledge hammer and tyres
Chin up bars & battling ropes
Heavy professional matted area
Professional Kettle Bells